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Mobility Science Inc.
Shaping Future Mobility

At Mobility Science we are helping sharing mobility players globally to make transport solutions more efficient, profitable and reliable. We are a team of experienced and motivated world class scientists and entrepreneurs.

Mobility Science provides an AI based software platform that empowers mobility operators, (scooter sharing, car sharing, car rentals etc.) to maximize the utilization of their own fleet using demand forecasting and the most advanced price optimization (dynamic pricing).

We enable B2B enterprises to turn data into intelligent decisions that accelerates profitable growth. 


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Mobility Science Inc.

At Mobility Science we are passionate about helping mobility companies to increase fleet utilization, satisfy customers and increasing profits

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The need for sophisticated demand forecasting solutions is very high. Therefore we are happy to announce that we are actively hiring talents and people who are passionate about mobility and who want to make an impact. Please find more here

An interview with Tino Hoffrichter

Question 1: Tell us something about your entrepreneurial journey and the inspiration behind the birth of Mobility Science Inc.? Answer: It all started in 2013 when I co- founded Jaano, the world’s first free floating scooter sharer (wow Saas company). While operating Jaano, we constantly were searching for a solution to optimize our fleet and make it more...