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Mobility Science Inc.
Shaping Future Mobility

At Mobility Science we are helping sharing mobility players globally to make transport solutions more efficient, profitable and reliable. We are a team of experienced and motivated world class scientists and entrepreneurs.

Mobility Science provides an AI based software platform that empowers mobility operators, (scooter sharing, car sharing, car rentals etc.) to maximize the utilization of their own fleet using demand forecasting and the most advanced price optimization (dynamic pricing).

We enable B2B enterprises to turn data into intelligent decisions that accelerates profitable growth. 


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Real Time Demand Forecasting

(AI Algorithm 1)

  • Real time demand forecasting for mobility as a service provider combining reinforcement learning and dynamic programming (AI Algorithm 1)
  • Higher accessibility of vehicles
  • Higher customer retention rate
  • Higher CLV -> profits 
  • Very important for self driving cars -future market

Advanced Dynamic Pricing

Matching Supply And Demand

(AI Algorithm 1)

  • Algorithm computes the value of a vehicle at a certain time and location 
  • Algorithm computes where high and low demand areas are
  • Pricing can be adjusted in real time – Supply and demand can be matched 
  • User based relocation with incentives

Fleet Management System 

Developed at Jaano Scooter sharing 

  • 33.000 lines of sophisticated fleet management software code
  • Already successfully sold 4 times
  • Sold as an asset including source code to disrupt SaaS Maas fleet management (Wunder Mobility, INVERSE etc.)
  • Door opener to sell product 1 and 2 as SaaS

Customizable Rental Solution

Developed at Jaano Scooter sharing

Advanced Dynamic Pricing For Trucking Platforms

(Ai Algorithm 2)

  • Real world POC with Quicargo (platform) in Netherlands 
  • 24% Cost reduction
  • Up to 800% more profit
  • Platform can guarantee a 10% profs margin and keep significant share for itself
  • Platform pays less to carriers 
Mobility Science Inc.

At Mobility Science we are passionate about helping mobility companies to increase fleet utilization, satisfy customers and increasing profits