Unfortunately, in many cities, the quality of life is decreasing faster than ever, due to environmental stressors like congested traffic and pollution. According to the WHO, each year approximately 7 million people die prematurely due to pollution.

Our mission is to make mobility services more cost-effective, practical and more reliable, than owning private car. Through our work, we want to significantly decrease the number of privately owned cars on the road, which could in turn improve health outcomes and life quality, for future generations.

Prof. Frederik Schulte

Technical University of Delft

  • Co-Founder

Frederik Schulte is a tenure-track assistant professor within the Section Transport Engineering & Logistics at TU Delft in the Netherlands. He holds a PhD in Logistics from University of Hamburg and Diploma in Industrial Engineering with majors in Information Systems and Logistics from Technical University of Hamburg. Moreover, Frederik’s applied research for Lufthansa and Hermes Logistics Group won several prizes.

Prof. Kevin Tierney

Bielefeld University

  • External Research and Development

Kevin Tierney joined Bielefeld University as a full professor of Decision and Operation Technologies in April, 2018. He was previously an assistant professor at Paderborn University and holds a PhD from the IT University of Copenhagen, a Master of Science from Brown University and a Bachelor of Science from Rochester Institute of Technology, all in Computer Science.

Dr. M.


  • Chief Data Officer

Dr. M graduated from an Ivy League university and then received his PhD from Brown University. He has since then worked at academic and industry research teams as well as two of the largest financial institutions, exploring and developing machine learning powered applications that are now being used to augment and automate human tasks.

Tino Hoffrichter


  • CEO

Tino Hoffrichter (B.Sc. Psychology) co-founded Jaano, The world’s first free floating scooter sharing company, in 2013. He successfully established a regional brand before cooperating with Emmy sharing in 2016. Currently, Jaano is a software provider focused on fleet management.

Jaan Hofmann


  • MD Europe

Jaan Hofmann co-founded Jaano, the world’s first free floating scooter sharing company, in 2013. He designed and implemented business operations and oversaw project management.

Ruben A. Austin


  • MD US

Ruben A. Austin a former stockbroker, founded Model Card in 2014, which was one of the first influencer marketing platforms to connect digital talent with brands and businesses. He has consulted for several startups identifying operative challenges in the financial, sales and business development sectors. He served as the Head of Finance for GLOSSYBOX US, and guided the company through its early acquisition process while strategically lowering operating expenses.

Prof. Stefan Voss

University Hamburg

  • Advisor

Stefan Voß is professor and director of the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Hamburg. Previous positions include professor for Business Administration, Information Systems and Information Management at the University of Technology Braunschweig (Germany) from 1995 up to 2002.